AYESAŞ which have taken place in tactical data link software development area from the date of her establishment. AYESAŞ is an active member of the National Tactical Data Link Advisory Board and Network Enabled Capability Joint Venture carried out by the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry in Turkey.

Link 1 , Link-11 Tactical Data Links and ATDL - 1 was designed and developed during the national air defense system Turkish Mobile Radar Complexes ( TMRC ) project. Link -11 Tactical Data Link Processor which is compliant with STANAG 5511 Ed.7, continues to serve the Turkish Armed Forces .

AYESAŞ launched Link-16 prototype project with her own resources, later, this project is turned into a real-time , safety -critical and embedded "Non-C2 Link-16" software contract. This software is compliant with "SSM Interoperability " and STANAG 5516.



A national Air Defense System compatible with NATO standards designed and developed as a turn key solution.


Link 16 Tactical Data Link software is under development in accordance with RTCA DO-178B Level B for F-16 Modernization program.

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