AYESAŞ Track Management System provides comprehensive maritime operational picture based on networks of sensor sites and centers. Authorities need to protect interests in territorial waters against resource plundering, smuggling, illegal immigration, and terrorism. They also need to tackle the challenges of large and unrestricted navigational areas, small and non-cooperative objects taking advantage of dense maritime activity to conceal their actions, the need for increased detection notice, interactions with multiple resources. AYESAŞ’s Track Management System include the following key capabilities to support maritime surveillance:


  • Displaying Tracks on GIS Layer
  • Track Summary and Detailed Information Window
  • Track Management Commands (update, correlate, decorrelate, drop, source selection)
  • Track Classification and Identification
  • Queries and Filtering
  • Track History
  • Further Approximate Location Calculations
  • Initiating and Updating Manual Tracks
  • Automatic Tracking Areas and Track Rejection Areas
  • Navigation and Alarm Definitions on Tracks (Speed Related Alarms, Area Entrance/Exit Alarms, vs.)
  • Track Statistics
  • Watchdog List for Tracks
  • Tactical Data Recording and Replay
  • Collision Avoidance


  • Documentation in accordance with MIL-STD-498
  • Compatible with DISA STIG, OWASP, CWE, 2011 CWE-SANS Top 25 code security guidelines


  • Client Server Architecture
  • Supports Publish Subscribe Mechanism
  • Spatial Index Usage
  • Extended Reporting Capabilities
  • Works on clustered architecture (load balancing capability)
  • Handles 50.000+ Tracks
  • Handles 50+ different types of trackrelated alarms


  • User Friendly GUI
  • Platform Independence
  • Customizable According to User Rights
  • Multiple Language Support (Internationalization)
  • Thin Clients
  • Modular Design allows addition of different type of sensors
  • Open Architecture software provides convenience for improvement
  • Full logging capability
  • Time synchronization
  • Handle Spatial Queries
  • Compatible with multiple relational databases
  • Tactical data recording and replay utilities

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