AYESAŞ Remote Sensor Control System (RSCS) provides capability to control Remote Radar Heads (RRH) with full functionality on user friendly GUI.

RSCS provides three operational modes

  • Degraded Slave Mode (Only monitoring of Radar Data/Plot)
  • Slave Mode (Limited Radar Control)
  • Master Mode (Full Radar control)

RSCS displays radar plot/strobe/area/sector data on Map and GUI. RSCS establishes the interface between Radar and RIS LAN using CLF formatted messages.


  • Runs on PC based Hardware Platform (COTS)
  • Linux Operating System
  • Consists of two monitors:
    • one for radar control, configuration and status information GUI
    • one for graphical data display/input on/from the Map
  • Modular design which allows addition of new RRH types
  • Capability to connect to and control maximum 16 radars simultaneously
  • VMAP Level 0 detailed map with general map display and management functionalities
  • Full logging capability
  • Time synchronization
  • Message validity checking
  • Ability to handle following Message Groups:
    • Command & Control Messages
    • Radar Data & Status Messages
    • Plot & Strobe Messages
    • Master Controller Messages
    • Network Management Messages


  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface for Remote Sensor Control
  • Multiple radar selection from a full list of the RRHs
  • Open architecture software
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance of hardware system
  • Reduction in maintenance duration and staff training costs

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