AYESAS Radio Remote Control System employs a highly modular architecture allowing the system to be configured to suit a wide range of interface and capacity requirements. System will be easily expandable by adding new modules. The system consists of User Stations and Remote Control Unit(s).

The system is utilized in applications for Air Traffic Control and Maritime as part of communication systems. It comprises optimum performance and usability for the Operators.

The Remote Control System enables the Operator(s) to control following types of equipment remotely;

  • HF Transmitters, HF Receivers, V/UHF Transceivers
  • Audio Switching Matrix
  • HF Tx/Rx Antenna Matrix
  • Crypto (via CBU)
  • Voice Communication Matrix
  • Automatic Switching Unit
  • Recording & Playback System


  • COTS Based Hardware
  • Touch Screen User Station
  • Implementation of all remote control functions

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