AYESAŞ Link 16 DLP is an RTCA DO-178 B Level-B certifiable solution and provides ultimate configurability options to the integrators for Link-16 host processor with its well - documented software interfaces (API).


Cost Effectiveness Thanks to its modular and configurable architecture, AYESAŞ Link 16 DLP offers a cost effective solution to your needs for integrating Link 16 capability into aircrafts, helicopters and any other Non-C2 systems.
Easy Connectivity and Usage Thanks to its simple architecture and operational concept, AYESAŞ Link 16 DLP takes away all the hassle for the connection of Non-C2 Systems to Link 16 Network.
Reliability AYESAŞ Link 16 DLP is being developed for the hardest conditions and ultimate expectations of Turkish Air Forces (TurAF). DLP is being tested and evaluated continuously by TurAF and also will be tested in CWIX for NATO interoperability.

Supported Functionalities

  • PPLI
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence
  • Information Management
  • Weapons Coordination and Management
  • MIDS Initialization and Management
  • Platform and System Status
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Threat Warning
  • Imagery
  • Weather Over Target
  • Formatted Text

Supported Interfaces

  • Communication with mission computer via avionics bus or Ethernet
  • STANAG 5516 Ed.6
  • MIDS LVT-1

Integration Options

AYESAŞ Link 16 DLP software has a very flexible design. It can be configured to run as a standalone software component or in a dedicated ARINC-653 partition to segregate the capabilities from the target operating system. This makes the integration cost-effective and easy.

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