AYESAŞ Link-11B Data Link Processor (DLP) is a cost effective solution for adding Link-11B connectivity to any system.

AYESAŞ Link-11B DLP offers a cost effective solution to your needs for integrating Link-11B capability into C2 and Non-C2 systems thanks to its modular and configurable architecture.

Link-11B DLP provides up to 8 simultaneous connections (channels). Each connection can have different set of link settings and filtering options, as well as different recording options.

Link-11B DLP has built-in recording, reporting and data-reduction support for the analysis of link activity.

As an utility for Link-11B DLP, we also offer an HMI (Human Machine Interface) component to visualize the link activity on a window-based and tabular display. Link settings can also be performed with this component easily. Extensive filtering options can also be specified using the HMI component.

For further integration with existing systems, the view of the HMI component can also be embedded to console-displays of any existing platform as a child-window for seamless integration and easy-access, without any modification on the existing platform’s software.


  • Easy integration through Ethernet, serial port (standalone) or software API (.NET/Windows based library)
  • Very low hardware resource usage
  • Wide coverage of STANAG 5511
  • Correlation/de-correlation capability
  • Conflict resolution and management support
  • Being used intensively by Turkish Armed Forces since 2011

Supported Functionalities

All Link-11B messages in the following categories:

  • System Information
  • Air Surveillance
  • Surface Surveillance
  • Subsurface Surveillance
  • Air Control
  • Weapon Control
  • Information Management Electronic Warfare

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