AYESAŞ Tactical Data Server (ATDS) is a gateway that provides tactical data exchange among legacy Command Control Centers and/or any system requires the tactical data, by using SOA technologies. Tactical Data Server complies with NATO Core SOA Enterprise Services Standards Recommendations documents of NNEC program.


The purpose of AYESAŞ SOA-Based Tactical Data Server Is to eliminate the limitations of point-to-point connections of legacy systems by serving and collecting tactical data over the network in a service-oriented manner.

This server is designed to be deployed at the point-to-point connections of the legacy system as a gateway to service network.

How It Works

The number of Tactical Data Exchange channels that already exist in Command and Control Centers can be reduced from many to one or two, by means of ATDS.


  • A gateway for connecting legacy systems to the newest technologies.
  • No modifications on legacy systems.
  • The solution for TDL line maintenance problems of C4I systems by means of virtual TDL connections.
  • Compliance with NATO Core SOA Enterprise Services Standards Recommendations documents.
  • Compliance with DDS and WEB Service standards


  • DDS and WEB services connectivity
  • Sharing of data structures (WSDL)
  • User authentication
  • No need for physical establishment of data lines
  • No need to implement a new TDL to existing system for connecting to new ones.
  • Fetching any kind of tactical data anywhere, anytime regardless of the location of the systems.

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