26 June 2015

Ayesas Azerbaycan Silahl%C4%B1kuv Gun Haber 1

Support from AYESAŞ to the Armed Forces Day of Azerbaijan Republic

AYESAŞ hosted the reception event organized in Azerbaijan Embassy in Ankara for the Armed Forces Day of Azerbaijan celebrated annually on 26th June. The event that received great interest from the members of local and foreign Armed Forces and high-rank state officers started with the opening speech of İsmet Yılmaz- Minister of Defence. Colonel Ilyas Ibrahimova- Military Attaché of Azerbaijan Embassy in Ankara- extended his thanks to AYESAŞ in his speech for the contribution provided. Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu-Commander of the Turkish Marine Forces, Servek Yörük- Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie Forces and 24 generals attended the event. Adnan Yılmaz -AKP Erzurum Deputy and Ali Haydar Öner-CHP Isparta Deputy also honored the event.

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