13 May 2015

Ayesasa Cassidian Optronics News

AYESAŞ is awarded with an electronic cabinet development order by Cassidian Optronics

AYESAŞ has been awarded a purchase order (PO) by Cassidian Optronics GmbH a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space on April 17, 2014. The PO involves development and supply of Air Cooled Electronic Rack to be used in submarines. AYESAŞ scope of work involves design and development of the rack in accordance with Cassidian Optronics requirements, material procurement, management of mechanical suppliers, assembly and testing. The deliveries will be completed within 2014. AYESAŞ has already been supplying electronic racks of a water-cooled type to Cassidian Optronics in a build-to-print model since 2012. The new PO for air-cooled racks involves a slim rack design by AYESAŞ for a 3rd country end user.

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